Dear Conan O’Brien

Dear Conan O’Brien

Dear Conan,

Terveisiä Suomesta! Greetings from Finland! Our whole country is extremely excited about your show starting on SuomiTV today. You are doing a honorable deed in saving us Finns from boredom and giving us excellent laughs.

We have a fabulous suggestion for your show. How about teaching Finnish people new languages? English is too easy. Russian is too difficult. Start with Swedish!

We have just the place to do it. As far as we know, we run the world’s most popular school in social media and it teaches the Swedish language to Finns. It is a Facebook community operated entirely on voluntary basis with no financial or ideological associations.

We would love it if you could consider helping us teach Swedish to Finnish people. We know this is a completely mad proposal, which is exactly why it is such a good one.

You would be a natural language teacher. We have seen much worse. And heaps that are a lot less fun.

With many hopeful regards,

Fröken Senja

Ps. It could be hilarious. Here is an example (Mastering Swedish @Slayradio).